Australian show
2014 Australian bio reagent Exhibition

Metal, nonmetal s and foreign body detection kits

Genetically modified food and food ingredients detection reagent

Biological and food enzyme assay kit

Lester quick detection kit

Lean sperm detection kit

Salmonella rapid detection kit

Malachite green, chloramphenicol and nitrofurans test kit

Tetracycline detection kit

Detection kit for toxic shellfish toxins

Mycotoxin detection kit

Vomiting toxin and monoclonal antibodies to vomiting toxin

Ochratoxin coupled antigen, ochratoxin a monoclonal antibody

BAX based real-time quantitative detection kit of Vibrio

Chloramphenicol detection kit

Streptomycin detection kit

Acetic acid detection kit

Histamine scombrotoxin reagent kit

Glycerol detection kit

Nitrate detection kit

Brewing industry detection kit

Food and drug detection and analysis instrument

Genetically modified component detection instrument

Sample pretreatment analysis instrument

Metal, nonmetal and foreign body detection

General laboratory instrument and